NFO is a small NGO based in the town of Takeo, in rural Cambodia. We operate a network of rural schools which aim to bring free education to children in remote villages who are unable to attend regular classes or can’t afford these classes. 

We are continually developing our educational program to ensure we are up to date with current education requirements from the Cambodian Government as well as utilising international volunteers with extensive backgrounds in teaching and teacher training.  Our curriculum is focused in three areas:- teaching English, Mathematics and Khmer, but above all we want learning to be fun for our children.

We have built three (3) rural schools that educate around 300 pupils across the three locations.  The running costs for our schools, staffing and materials is around 30,000 US Dollars and we need your help! All donation however large or small make a real difference to the lives of the children you use our service.

Our teachers attend regular teacher trainings to share ideas, teaching methods and receive continual training by our Education Manager. We want our teachers to thrive with ongoing assistance and training so that all of our children have the opportunity to have the best possible teachers we can provide.