New Futures Organisation began back in 2007 as an orphanage located in the rural town of Takeo, a province in Cambodia. Unfortunately, the orphanage had to be closed down with the unexpected passing of the founder/director in 2013 and the children were repatriated back to their families with the support of NFO. The focus of NFO has always been to create pathways out of poverty through education for the children and young people of Takeo and after the passing of the director, this became our priority. We focus on continual development of our education programs in the schools with the assistance of our Education Manager.

NFO currently run 3 schools in rural villages for the children in the areas. All of our children receive books, pencils and workbooks for classes. We provide free English lessons spoken in both Khmer and English and support mathematical development and reading and writing in Khmer. 

 It is important that all children receive education on hygiene to help prevent illness and disease through poor hygiene. We hold classes for hand washing as well as dental care to assist in the prevention of tooth decay. The children receive a toothbrush and toothpaste for these classes and a bar of soap for the hygiene hand washing program.

New Futures Organisation are committed to the education of impoverished children in remote villages to give them the best chance to further their education bringing them out of poverty. We need your help to ensure our programs continue and new programs are developed to keep the children of Cambodia learning.

NFO is supported by European Directors Bettina Friedl (Switzerland) and Robin Konieczny (United Kingdom) both directors are volunteers and do not take any fees or expenses so all donations directly support the provision of education within our schools 


Director - Phalla Phorn

E: volunteering@newfuturesorganisation.org

P: +885 (0)16 766 690

Chork village, Rokakhnong commune, Daunkeo Town and Takeo province.