Village Schools



We support five village schools which educate around 500 children. The area around Takeo consists of several remote farming villages, scattered amongst the rice fields and difficult to access, particularly during rainy season. Village life in rural Cambodia is hard, families survive by growing their own food. Although education is free in Cambodia, it is compulsory for families to purchase uniforms and books, which are beyond the financial means of rural farming families. The main schools for the area are located in Takeo town, which is several miles away from the villages, down dirt tracks which become unpassable during the wet season. In addition to this local custom and necessity dictate that children of all ages are required to assist on their family farm, sowing and harvesting rice or looking after livestock. All of these factors mean that regular school is not an option for the village children. Our school project supports local village schools which require no financial commitment from families. The schools are centrally located for the village children and hold lessons at times which fit in with farm work. This allows children to attend at convenient times without disrupting their home life. Without these schools the children would simply never have the chance of a formal education. NFO is committed to continue funding these schools and providing schooling to children who need it.

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