NFCO Inc. A registered Charity in Western Australia, Australia.

Statement of intent of NFCO Incorporated*

The objective of the New Futures Charity Organisation Incorporated is to raise funds to pay for the continued education of the orphans and disadvantaged children from NFO Orphanage in Takeo, Cambodia. These children come from destitute homes, often with no parents, one parent or only a grandparent for support. As the country is recognised as one of the poorest in Asia, all amount of help offered is going to see the children in good stead – in a positive position to break the poverty cycle. This is the ultimate goal, albeit through many steps.

Many of the children have sponsors for the duration of their time at NFO in Takeo, and CamKids (UK) is a very strong and significant supporter of NFO. With these funds they are well cared for and attend the local schools, having private tuition in English, French, Chinese and Korean when available and desired. With the consistent input and support of these children, their attendance at the local primary and high school is regular and extends the children’s literacy and numeracy skills. The rate of achievement by year 12, far exceeds the country’s average of around only 25% achieving a satisfactory education level.

 Thus far all children who have remained at NFO have achieved their goal of gaining entrance to University. At first the graduating students attended the local university of “Build Bright University” (BBU). However to extend the students and to ensure an adequate level of achievement that will be recognised nationally, and in some cases internationally, students had to be sent to the larger universities in Phnom Penh. The added costs of these universities along with housing, food, university supplies etc.. has put considerable strain on the finances and existent fund raising for these children. For this reason additional avenues of funding are being sought for the older children (in particular) in post year 12 studies.

 It is extremely important to give the opportunities to these young Cambodian hopefuls. Their continued secondary and tertiary education will ensure a profession that becomes their abilities and aspirations. This is the process for breaking the poverty cycle, to which we wish to adhere.

 Our objective of approaching worldwide sponsors is to secure funding to pay for the students to proceed through their education and establish themselves in their professions. This will mean individual sponsors will not be of absolute importance and thus cause financial strain on those donors. The world wide financial crises has seen rise to this problem. It will ensure enough funds are raised with multiple donors to a single account and ensure the continued funding of students without fear of potential loss of funding. It will also mean funds are transferred to students from this central bank account on a regular basis. This does not negate the fact that some donors may wish to maintain the status of being the primary sponsor for a student. This wish and funding can be maintained in integrity.

 When we raise the funds, tertiary students will be asked to consider the funding offered through NFCO Inc. as a ‘scholarship’ which they must pay into when they gain jobs. There is a proposed “contract” for the students if they wish to partake of these monies.  The objective is to eventually make the funding for education “self fulfilling”. This means that as the students graduate from their universities they will gain well paid jobs and be in a position to pay back to the Organisation small amounts of money each month, thus providing funds for future students of NFO.

 NFCO Inc is a registered charity in Western Australia for this purpose. There are current applications to the Australian Government regarding taxation status – the results of this are still pending. The administrative regulations are not expected to be finalised until possibly July 2013.

 Donations can be made direct to the ANZ bank, North Perth branch via this website or direct to the ANZ bank with a regular ‘direct debit’. Further information can be gained if you email

 *“NFCO Inc. is incorporated as an Australian charity and operates from Perth, Australia. Funds raised through this organization will be maintained in Australia until required for release for the continued education of the students of NFO, Cambodia.”

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