The mission of New Futures Organisation is to provide vulnerable children of rural Cambodia with education, skills, training and general support to enable them to have a new future and opportunities to achieve their dreams. New Futures Organisation strongly believes that education is a human right and should be afforded to all, regardless of economic status or location. It therefore aims to provide education to children who would otherwise not have the chance to go to school.


The organisation’s objectives are:

  • To provide support our repatriated children in the province of Takeo, Cambodia. This support will be in the form of a food, education, limited medical care, clothing, vocational training, help with further education and assistance with seeking employment.
  •  To establish a series of free schools in villages in order to support rural children in maintaining a reasonable level of education. To ensure these schools maintain a high level of teachers by providing ongoing support, training and curriculum.
  • To establish a drop-in centre to enable our children to receive additional English classes as well receive lunch.
  • To endeavour to assist any other NGOs in the local area and those working to empower Cambodians.
  • To establish an international fundraising system to finance all of its work, to ensure there is no pressure on the finances of the Cambodian Social Affairs or the Cambodian Government budgets.
  • In all, New Futures Organisation wishes to become an organisation that is recognised as being a valuable asset to the local community and Cambodia.
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