Sponsorship FAQ’s

How Do I Donate?

The most efficient way of making a donation to NFO is through Ammado, an organisation which collects donations online and transfers them to charities all over the world. Ammado allows supporters to set up one-off and recurring donations, in a variety of currencies and using several different payment methods.  To make a donation click the link on our website and follow the simple on-screen instructions.


Is Ammado safe?

Yes, Ammado is a safe method of transferring funds. They operate worldwide, working with thousands of charities in numerous countries, and are a highly regarded organisation with a strong reputation.


Will I get a receipt?

Yes, every donor will be sent a receipt for their donation if they provide an Email address.  If you have not received a receipt within 10 days of your donation, please contact us and we will make sure one is issued to you.


Can I claim Gift Aid on my donation?

Unfortunately NFO is not eligible to receive Gift Aid as we are not a UK registered organisation.


Why don’t you give the money directly to the children?

Our agreement with the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs does not permit this, as it would not be seen as culturally appropriate within Cambodia. Additionally, we need to remain accountable to our donors – by purchasing food and supplies for the children, we can guarantee that they are getting the benefit of the donations; were we to hand over cash directly to the child or their carer, there would be no way for us to ensure that it was spent on supporting the child in question.


What happens to the children who do not have a sponsor?

As the sponsorship money is divided and spent on providing care packages for all of the children, no child misses out. We buy the necessary food and supplies for the care packages in bulk as this is the most efficient way to ensure that donations do as much good as possible.  We ensure that all children receive the same level of support and care. If you sponsor a child you will receive correspondence from and develop a relationship with one individual. However at NFO your sponsorship money will be put towards helping all of the children we care for.


How can I be sure my donation will be used responsibly?

The NFO Admin Team is committed to transparency and we now publish all of our accounts on line. This way all donors can see for themselves how money is being raised and spent. Please check the website regularly for updates of our accounts.


How much of my sponsorship money will be used on admin?

None. We are a small NGO with few employees, most of our staff are volunteers who are committed to ensuring your donation goes directly to helping the children we work with.


I would like to make a large donation. Is Ammado still the best way to do this?

Ammado is the best way of transferring the majority of donations to NFO. However, if you are from the UK and you are considering a donation, please contact us in advance as we may be able to suggest an alternative method of transfer which is more efficient.


Download Our Sponsorship Application Form


If you have any further questions contact us: donations@newfuturesorganisation.com


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