Day-Care Centre


NFO began life as an orphanage for children in Takeo. However, as we transitioned into a community focused organisation, we saw the benefits of repatriating children into community care. Eight of the children originally lived at our day-care centre as they did not have a safe family environment to return to. The rest of the children were repatriated to their villages to live with their extended families. More recently, we have rehoused the eight into private housing, and support them through sponsorship. NFO made the repatriation of the orphanage children possible by implementing a monthly care package for the children. Some families still receive a monthly allowance of rice, toiletries and laundry detergent to ease the financial burden of looking after an extra child through our child sponsorship program. This allows the children to continue with their studies, rather than going out to work to help support their families. We operate a day-care centre in Takeo town, which operates from 10am until 5pm only, and is used by the former orphanage children and visiting community youths. This is a safe space where they can get a hot meal, help with homework and extra tuition when needed. It is also a social environment where they can reconnect with each other and their former care givers. Many of the young people are hoping to attend university in the coming years so it is important that their studies are maintained.
During the evening hours from 5pm until 10am the following morning, the day-care centre transforms into a volunteer accommodation.  The upper floor is permanently closed to visiting children, and is used as a volunteer dormitory with an additional private room.  Volunteers are charged just $3.50 per night, with facilities to cook for themselves at our centre kitchen.
All profits go towards the up-keep of the centre, and to other projects NFO is involved in.

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