Staff and Volunteer conduct policy

Code of Conduct

All staff, volunteers, advisors, consultants, contractors or any other personnel associated with NFO are required to behave in the appropriate manner with the children that fully respects their rights, as laid out in the Child Protection Policy, to minimise any possible situation of risk.

Staff and Volunteers must:

  • Never hit or physically assault or abuse children. This includes, and not limited to, kicking, punching, pushing, shoving, slapping, pinching, biting and/or threats of violence.
  • If a child is behaving in an inappropriate manner, including, and not limited to, kicking, punching, pushing, shoving, slapping, pinching, biting and/or treats of violence, including inappropriate physical contact towards adult or children, they are required to report to the teacher and management staff as soon as this behaviour arises and to complete an incident report.
  •  Never develop or become involved in a physical or sexual relationship with a child
  • Never develop a relationship that could possibly been deemed as abusive or exploitative
  • Not swear or use offensive language around the children
  • Never participate in or condone the behaviour of children which is illegal, unsafe or abusive
  • Never humiliate, belittle, or degrade a child. Any form of emotional abuse is not acceptable
  • Never provide any child alcohol, cigarettes or drugs of any kind. These are never allowed on any of the premises where there are children under 18 and under the management of NFO
  • Take drugs of any kind at any time. If confirmed then you will be asked to leave and any costs incurred will not be refunded by NFO
  • Not communicate or become friends with the children through social media such as Facebook and or personal emails
  • No cameras are allowed at the village schools
  • Not give gifts to individual children It is inappropriate and unfair to all other children. If the children require any supplies or stationary etc please advise management
  • Not provide individual financial support or promise that they will receive individual support or sponsorship. Sponsorship is to be arranged through NFO management and not directly with any child or family member
  • Not use the threat of violence, abuse or assault or to cause injury to any staff member, volunteer or associated NFO contractor or employee
  • Not spend time alone with a child, out of plain sight. There must always be two (2) adults with a child if they need to go into town for medical treatment etc. If there is an emergency contact NFO management as soon as possible
  • Not drive any vehicle registered under NFO unless given permission by NFO management and hold valid licences required to operate these vehicles. Especially if these vehicles are being used to transport children
  • Always respect the right of the child for protection against abuse and exploitation
  • Always act appropriately and in a culturally sensitive manner, with children, understanding the importance of my behaviour with children and the potential perceptions that may follow from my actions or words
  • Be fully aware of NFO’s Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct and agree to follow the policy whilst fully aware of any disciplinary action that may be taken against you
  • Not take cameras into any NFO facility without prior consent
  • Understand the protocols in place for addressing potential concerns of child abuse and agree to immediately report any incidences or concerns to management that I may be aware of
  • To abide by the 11pm noise curfew in Takeo. This is a town wide curfew and the police may be called if/when this is broken. Noise must be kept to a minimum to avoid complaints and act as a positive role model for the children


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