About NFO

About NFO

NFO started work in Takeo, Cambodia in January 2008, where it began life as a small orphanage.
A volunteer working at the time decided to extend their stay to help get what was then a poorly run and disadvantaged orphanage back on its feet.  After a great deal of hard work and with extremely limited funding, this volunteer then become the new founder of New Futures Organisation, and the orphanage was able to stay open, as well as enhance living conditions.

Sadly in November 2013 the above mentioned volunteer, and founder/director of NFO passed away, leaving only close supporters and long term ex-volunteers with the task of rescuing and running the NGO.  With his death came the sad closure of the NFO orphanage, and opening of what is now the day-care & volunteer centre.  The majority of the children at the orphanage were successfully repatriated to their family or relative homes in and around Takeo province.  The remaining children who did not have anywhere or anyone to go to, were our permanent residents of the day-care centre. Since late 2016, NFO successfully moved the older residents to private accommodation, just around the corner from the centre.

Since 2013 four foreign supporters of NFO took over the roles of trustees, and have been voluntarily running NFO alongside the employed Cambodian local staff.

In addition to running the day-care & volunteer centre, NFO supports the surrounding 5 rural village schools by providing much needed financing, as well as volunteer support to the teachers.

There is always a high demand for volunteer teachers, and still much work to be done and much of the work cannot be completed without your help!!  NFO really values the input of volunteers from the impact they have on the children, to the support they provide NFO in helping to achieve their goals and aspirations (to provide hope and a positive future for the children of Takeo).

Getting to NFO

NFO is based in Takeo Town which is about 90 minutes south of Phnom Penh on Highway no. 2.

Unfortunately there isn’t currently a direct public bus from Phnom Penh to Takeo which makes getting to us a little difficult.  Do you know yet how you’re planning to get down from Phnom Penh to Takeo? More recently the Cambodian government have started to operate a public train service that goes from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, stopping at Takeo amongst other places.  At the moment, the train is only running 3 days per week. Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday mornings from Phnom Penh. It costs just $4 per person to Takeo, and has air con seated carriages. The train departs Phnom Penh at 7:00am Saturday and Sunday, and 3pm on Fridays- and the journey takes 1½ hours only.  Alternatively we can organise you a private taxi if you wish- it can pick you up from your location in Phnom Penh or from the airport; otherwise you could get a shared taxi to NFO from Daem Kor market on Mao Se Toung blvd in Phnom Penh – they cost about $4, but drivers tend to cram in 7-8 people plus bags, and possibly the occasional chicken or goat, so you might want to pay for 2 spaces and book out the whole of the front seat to yourself! They also usually wait around to go until they’re full, so be prepared to wait for an hour or more for other passengers if you choose this route. It’s an interesting experience though for sure!

Alternatively, you could take a public bus from Soriya Bus Station, near Central Market to a nearby town called Ang Tasom (which is on national road no. 3 down to Kampot and Kep, most buses will drop you off there on the way) , and then a tuk tuk or moto from there to Takeo (about 7km).  If choosing this option, buses can be booked in advance, so make sure you book in advance.  Look for the bus to Kampot, as this will stop at Ang Tasom.


Below is an Organisational Chart for NFO with all our staff involved in running the organisation.




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